Research and Perspectives

“Yahoo Yahoo” in Nigeria – Trademark Dilution or Defamation?

Since starting her usual daily drive to work in 2015, this Leo has heard the new MTN Nigeria’s internet advert (or “Better Me Bundle”) on her car radio. In the advert, a father accuses his son of engaging in “yahoo yahoo” on the internet but the son ends up convincing his father that far from engaging in “yahoo yahoo”, he is using the internet to check his examination results. The son also lists other useful activities that may be carried out on the internet and the father, convinced, asks to be taught how to use the internet.

Determining the accuracy of Caller Tunes Distribution reports and payments

In Nigeria, telecom operators (e.g. MTN, Glo, Airtel, Etisalat etc) offer various value added services such as ring tones, caller tunes, internet radio etc to their subscribers. To access these services, subscribers are able to download their preferred artiste’s song (as a caller tune) by paying a monthly fee (currently N50). As copyright in these songs are owned by the respective artistes/recording company, the telecom operators will require authorisation from the copyright owner(s) before they can legally make the songs available for their subscribers’ use.