Our Services

Legal and transactional advisory

We provide legal advisory services to companies and individuals in the following areas:

· Internet law

· Copyright law especially music, book publishing, film and television and radio talent

· E-Commerce Terms of Service; privacy policies; sweepstakes

· Digital marketing (endorsements, contracting with social media influencers)

· Data licensing agreement and data transfers

· Social media policies and social media endorsements agreements

· Wealth management and succession planning for creative and creative entrepreneurs

Penguide’s work also involves conducting regulatory compliance audit and assisting with regulatory compliance for:

· Social media marketing platforms

· Producers and Developers of tech products

· Employers of TV and Film executives

Research services and policy advisory

Penguide initiates research into legal issues arising from laws, regulations and policies that affect businesses and business activities. We also conduct research for clients and advise on policies in the areas of copyright, e-commerce, Internet, privacy rights etc. Our work in this area includes law reform, drafting of new legislation and policies, providing assistance to professional regulatory bodies and stakeholders who have an interest in legislative changes. Our research covers activities of:

· Government bodies, policy makers, expert and regulatory bodies

· Research centres

· Companies in the copyright, e-commerce, technology and Internet sectors

· Legislators and persons in Parliament

Training/Capacity Building

Penguide Advisory can offer trainings and build capacity in may areas of law and commercial endeavours. We can provide firms practical preparation with a focus on copyright/internet/technology law in practice, new media, licensing, contracts and sector forecasting. Toolkits, checklists, templates, policies, roadmaps and advisory notes are usually provided to attendees.

We also offer client-demand or bespoke skill interventions in several areas including:

· E-Diligence

· Digital image licensing

· Using third-party copyright for business